Foster Adoptee and Parent Therapy

Foster adoptees come with unique challenges.

The child may have physical or mental health needs that require special care.

Some children may find it hard to establish an attachment with their adopted family. This attachment problem is problematic when the child has experienced a previous violation of their trust, especially if trauma or abuse occurred.

School-age children may be behind their grade level and require educational support.

The child may grieve their separation from their birth parents or family. Or the child may feel uncertain about engaging in honest communication with their adopted parents.

Parents also face challenges.

Adopting a foster child is the beginning of a lifelong experience, and parents of their adoptee are likely to encounter challenges.

Parents need guidance in how to gain the trust of their adopted child. At the same time, they need to find ways to help them cope with challenges in their lives.

Children who experienced trauma or abuse need help to process their experience, and adopted parents must learn to provide the right support.

Seeking therapy helps the transition to a loving and supportive family for both the adoptee and the adopted parents.

Therapy provides support for both the adoptee and the parents.

Being a foster child or an adoptee is such a life-altering event and experience that can affect many life areas. This experience is more than a onetime event – it occurs over a lifetime.

Therapy helps the child through this life-altering event by walking with them through their emotional journey, equipping them with resources and information, and empowering them to be who they need to be.

Through therapy, both the child and parents can enhance emotional attachment and increase trust between child and parents.

Therapy also helps the child work through challenges from the past and present while providing support, understanding, and guidance to the parents.

Create a functional, loving relationship.

My counseling for foster and adoptive parents focuses on the child and family issues or parental matters.

I coach foster and adoptive parents, encouraging them through the complex parts of parenting, equipping them with resources, information, and training, while empowering them to become the “true healer” for their children.

Learning to function as a family takes time, but the transition becomes less challenging through the coaching I offer.

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