Attachment-Based Family Therapy

Relationships in families can become fractured.

Family is our lifeline, yet sometimes it can be complicated and challenging.

The same people who love us so much are sometimes the same ones who hurt us.

Family roles don’t change easily on their own, but how we get along with family members takes center stage on how we feel about ourselves and life situations.

Therefore, working on improving communication and relationships is an integral part of family therapy.

Recover and mend family bonds.

I have been trained in Attachment-Based Family Therapy (ABFT) for depressed, anxious, and suicidal adolescents and young adults. ABFT encourages healthy family attachments to reduce conflicts and improve family bonds.

Research shows ABFT helps reduce depression, hopelessness, anxiety, family conflict, and suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

Each family has unique problems. Therefore, I design family therapy sessions to meet your family’s specific needs.

In our work together, we will focus on improving your family’s relationships while building skills in the following areas: Understanding Each Other, Effective Listening, Conflict Resolution, Problem-Solving, Tolerance and Respect, Boundary Making, and Understanding Developmental Stages.

Let’s mend what’s broken in your family.

There are many reasons for insecure attachments, and without professional help, children and young adults can become emotionally affected.

Don’t let a lack of communication and poor interpersonal relationships threaten the security of your family.

We will design a program that meets your family’s needs.

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